Factors to consider when choosing a hen weekend venue

Organizing a hen weekend should be one of the most fun activities you engage on before a wedding. Hen weekend parties are all about celebrating the fact that you or your girl is about to get married and you need to celebrate one more time with your friends before the d-day. While you organize, one picking up a venue can be stressful because you need to consider several factors. The venue needs to be a perfect place that all will have fun and create memories before the wedding and be one that all will remember.

The article will guide you on the factors you need to consider for a perfect hen weekend party. They include:

1. The theme of the party

The theme should be the first thing you need to consider while you organize the theme party. The theme is the activity of the day and thus needs to match the venue and budget you will work with. Choose a theme that suits all so that all are involved in what will be going on and not just a section of the girls who will turn up. You can hold a meeting and analyze the options that you have on the table and choose one that suits the bride to be and all her bridesmaid plus guests who are willing to turn up.

2. Cost

The cost of expenses involved needs to be shared among the bridesmaids and guests. For a perfect hen weekend, treating the bride to be will be the best surprise for a hen party, and thus you will need to cater to all expenses. Consider your budget allocation for the party plus all expenses that will be incurred and let it not strain you or leave some people feeling exhausted in terms of spending too much.

3. Number of attendees

The number of people turning up for the party is also an important consideration. You need to have a guest listing that will ensure the venue will fit the numbers. The last thing you want to do is choose a place where you will be squeezed while having fun and thus you need to select a spacious one. Also, apart from the venue size, you need to have a manageable number that you will have no issue controlling or contacting. Once you start planning, ensure the attendees are people who share close memories with the bride so that you make it as fruitful as possible because a large number can mean some may end up disappointing on a no-show.