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Secrets on how to Build a Good Relationship with your Suppliers

A good relationship with your suppliers matters a lot and should be based on much more than just the money. Picking the best suppliers for your restaurant is much like hiring the right employees. It’s very crucial to work with people who you can trust and feel happier dealing with. You should be able to handle everything that you expect from your suppliers in terms of the quality of the equipment they deliver to you restaurant like good ovens, commercial microwaves, ice machines and many others, their customer service, and their reliability and consistency of their deliveries. Here are some good questions to ask yourself when you’re creating your restaurant’s supplier network.

How to update your suppliers on the changing trends in the restaurant industry?

The food trends in the restaurant industry will always change. Therefore, your supplies should be in a position to adapt to these changes. Does your supplier provide healthy products?

A supplier who is not able to change along these trends is not a good person to work with especially for a long term. If you want to improve portions of your menu so that it can suit the needs of your customers, your suppliers should also be able to accommodate for these changes in the shortest time possible.

Are your suppliers a complete resource for your restaurant?

Are your suppliers in a position to help your business in any other ways apart from supplying products to your restaurant?

A good supplier is aware that he or she will also benefit if your restaurant business succeed. Do they occasionally share research and news on social media account and in their company’s website? Do they post relevant information on their website to help restaurants save money and time? Do they have links to other companies that could help you market your restaurant?

These are not crucial factors that you require from a supplier. However, you need to put them into considerations when you are creating your supplier network. These firms are your most crucial business partners and significant players in the success of your business.

Are you holding up your end of the bargain?

Not that your suppliers also evaluate your business the same way you evaluate you theirs. Always note your weaknesses because they can affect your relationship with the suppliers.

Are you able to pay your suppliers on time? In case you expect problems lay down contract terms in advance. If an unforeseen problem happens, contact your suppliers as soon as possible. Call them immediately before they call you about your payments

Are you giving your suppliers enough time to fill your orders? Or are you always demanding for last minute supplies? Accurate forecasting should assist in reducing these problems.

restaurant table decorationAre you capable to effectively manage all your supplier relationships?

Keeping track of multiple invoices and various supplies can take a lot of time. Some restaurants go ahead to reduce the number of suppliers so as to simplify the ordering process. To simplify the work, they decide to hire one or two suppliers to provide everything.

By putting all your orders in a central location and putting your contacts in one database will save you a lot of time. However, do not drop any of your suppliers with the aim of making your ordering process simple.